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ROV data visualization
Project Manager/Lead Engineer: Mike McCann
Lead Scientist: Bruce Robison, Jim Barry

This is a proposal for the fourth year of a four-year project to create common, compelling, efficient, and easy-to-use visualizations of the variety of data MBARI collects. The conversion to geoVRML provides a more general solution for visualizing remotely operated vehicle (ROV) data from sites other than Monterey Bay, including the ROV Tiburon dives off Oregon and Hawaii.

Progress was made in 2001 in providing adequate 3D graphics hardware to targeted end users and in incorporating mbsystem edited ROV navigation data. With 3-D replays of ROV Ventana dives now routinely delivered via the Expedition Database, users are able to see the potential of this system and are providing valuable feedback to the developer. The conversion to geoVRML should efficiently serve visualizations of these data sets. After the geoVRML conversion has been completed then work will begin on adding information from the Samples and Video Annotation databases to the 3-D replays. 

The activity for 2002 will be finishing up the project and enhancing the web-based visualizations based on user feedback.