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Video Annotation and Reference System (VARS)
Project Manager: Nancy Jacobsen Stout
Lead Scientist: Kristine Walz
Lead Engineer: Dan Wilkin

The Video Annotation and Reference System team is encouraged by the 2001 development progress made on the project. All essential features of the Query component are nearly complete. Development efforts are now primarily focused on the Knowledge Base component, the foundation of the entire system. Many of the fundamental attributes being developed for this sub-component will also be utilized in the Annotation component. 

Development plans for 2002 are to continue working from the task prioritization matrix completing each task based on priority and inherent dependencies. Research technicians will continue to test new application developments, assist with writing user documentation, and communicate related aspects to scientists.  As noted in previous proposal submissions, integration tasks required to make the annotation system available to external users will likely require a smaller, future project.