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ROV enhancements

Ship and ROV data probe
Lead Scientist: T.C. Dawe
Lead Engineer/Project Manager: Rich Schramm

The past few years have seen significant improvements to the scientific data acquisition and logging systems on board the R/V Point Lobos. These systems have been upgraded to be similar to those on the Western Flyer. While reliability and efficiency have been improved it still takes a conscious effort on the part of the scientists and ROV pilots to monitor the various data streams. There are both real-time graphics and tabular displays of the data available to help with this task however this still requires the careful and continuous attention by the scientists and some investment on their part in learning what to look for to be able to detect problems in this complex system. This has resulted in several recent cases where some fairly simple problem has gone undetected for several days resulting in the loss of important data.

While we continue to improve the system reliability by fixing defects as they are discovered, there are a large number of routine checks which could be made automatically with custom software that could provide immediate feedback. These sorts of checks would likely have caught a number of the past failures. Used properly this could be an important tool to help the scientists collect their data.