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MBARI ocean observing systems (MOOS)

Instrumentation Software Infrastructure for MOOS
Lead Scientist: Francisco P. Chavez, Christopher A. Scholin, et al.
Lead Engineer: Todd Anderson, Mike Matthews, Tom O’Reilly, et al.
Project Manager: Duane Edgington

The goal of this project is to develop an institutional standard software architecture for MBARI for scientific instruments. The impetus for this project was enthusiastic support by MBARI ocean observing systems (MOOS) workshop participants for an instrumentation infrastructure, to define a standardized plug-compatible hardware and software interface to MBARI instruments. The hardware part of this standard interface would define connectors, power source and electrical protocols. The software part of this standard interface, the subject of this proposal, would define the communication interface to instruments: software protocols for acquiring configuration information (operating modes, calibration data, modeling parameters, identification, etc.) and measurement data. The software part of the standard would also define object interfaces and services for data logging, display, and storage.

The intent is that the final infrastructure would set the standard for instrumentation design at MBARI, and be exportable to other scientific institutions.