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New in situ instruments

Aquatic Autosampler
Lead Scientist: Chris Scholin
Lead Engineer/Project Manager: Gene Massion

The Aquatic Autosampler is designed to collect discrete water samples of a known volume autonomously, concentrate particles contained within those samples onto filter disks, and automate application of preservatives, DNA (or other molecular probes) to enable identification and quantification of particular species of micro organisms so captured. Preliminary tests of the prototype built in 1998 have shown that cells (cultured and from natural samples) can be collected and be distributed uniformly on different types of filters, whole cells can be preserved and stored for later analysis, species-specific DNA probes can be applied to label target species (whole cells), and cells can be homogenized as well (this is the input material for real-time detection). These preliminary tests validate the most fundamental concepts on which the Aquatic Autosampler is based. 

A major milestone for this project in 2000 is to deploy an Aquatic Autosampler on a mooring by the summer.