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Tiburon technology transfer
Lead Engineer/Project Manager: Mark Chaffey

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) Deep Submergence Laboratory is in the process of obtaining funding to design and build a 6000 meter advanced ROV system, Jason II. The Jason design group is very interested in incorporating advances in instrumentation hardware and software developed at MBARI for Tiburon into their new vehicle system architecture. There is also a mutual goal to standardize the toolsled interface between Tiburon and Jason II to allow the exchange of ROV based deep-sea instrumentation packages between the two vehicles.

Tiburon technology transfer was discussed in depth during an informal two day workshop hosted at MBARI in fall 1998 and attended by Dana Yoerger (WHOI), Andy Bowen (WHOI), Bob Elder (WHOI) and Louis Whitcomb (Johns Hopkins).