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Benthic processes

Mapping project
Lead Scientist: David Clague
Project Manager: Gerry Hatcher

The shared institutional resources requested for the mapping project have not changed significantly from the original request. Publications and presentations of project results are being delivered as proposed. Software development required for final processing of the seafloor data is nearly finished and we anticipate having a CDROM of the Hawaii leg of the 1998 seafloor surveys ready for public distribution at the December 1999 AGU meeting. We also plan to have a poster of the data completed this year for distribution through the Aquarium or other means decided upon by ITD. Year 2000 of the project will concentrate on the publication of the data from the remaining survey areas, and continued support of related research publications. The project will also continue the support and development of GIS applications facilitating the data usage by Gerry Hatcher and mbsystem multibeam processing software by Dave Caress in 2000.

We originally intended to have the entire data set from all the 1998 cruises processed into final form by mid 1999. This goal was overly optimistic however due to more intense time commitments to other projects then anticipated and by a longer than expected development time on the new processing software. Because of this we have had to revise the order with which the milestones for processing the data will be accomplished and some 1999 milestones will be delayed until 2000. Originally the intent was to process all the data first followed by creating the data distribution products. After further consideration and group consensus we now intend to process each area in series from start to finish in order to better maintain quality control and system.