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Benthic processes

Long-term broadband seismic observatory in Monterey Bay
Lead Scientist: Barbara Romanowicz
Lead Engineer: Paul McGill
Project Manager: Debra Stakes

We propose to install a "permanent" three-component broadband seismometer system on the seafloor in Monterey Bay between 700-1000m depth. Complementing the land-based network of broadband seismic stations is crucial to 1) provide better azimuthal coverage and thereby improve the characterization of moderate-to-large earthquakes occurring in Northern California along the San Andreas system, 2) to improve knowledge of the deep structure of this plate boundary. More generally, experience in long-term deployment of broadband systems is needed in the context of plans for the development of long-term global seismic sea floor observatories as advocated by the International Ocean Network.

This project is a follow-up of the 1997 MOISE deployment in which a three-component broadband seismometer system and El-Cheapo datalogger were deployed for three months 40km offshore in Monterey Bay, using the ROV Ventana. MOISE, which included performing underwater electrical connections with the help of the Ventana, was a major technological success. In particular, three months of continuous broadband seismic data were acquired. 

This project is also supported by funding from the National Science Foundation.