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1999 Projects: Mooring improvements

MBARI vertical profiler

Project lead/manager: Mike Kelley
Project team: Todd Anderson, Mark Brown, and Dave Wright

Time-series data collected from instrumented moorings are inherently incomplete due to the positioning of the sensors at discrete depths. Moreover sensors residing in the upper ocean where photosynthesis occurs are subject to biofouling, which inhibits their effectiveness. To overcome these hindrances to more comprehensive, continuous profiling of the water column the project team will work toward designing an instrument that will combine the high-resolution data of a profiler with the long-term capability of a mooring.

The MBARI vertical profiler (MVP) will be stationed below the euphotic zone to minimize fouling and will automatically return to the surface on a periodic basis, to move down through the water column and make multiple measurements of ocean properties. The profiler will utilize existing MBARI technology, such as the OASIS instrument controller or the variable buoyancy control mechanism designed for Tiburon. The MVP will be designed for operation to a depth of 1,000 meters with a payload of 100 kilograms. This will extend the mooring time series to greater depths and reduce the degree of instrument biofouling

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Last updated: 07 October 2004