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1999 Projects

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1999 Projects: ROV improvements

Ventana manipulator upgrade

Project lead/manager: Craig Okuda
Project team: Mark Brown and T. Craig Dawe

The ROV Ventana’s existing five-function arm will be replaced with a seven-function Schilling Titan III, similar to the one in use on Tiburon. With its greater dexterity and precision, the new arm will extend Ventana’s reach and increase the efficient use of dive time. Ventana pilots will be able to perform sampling, placement of instruments, and other tasks with greater ease and speed than is currently possible. Replacement of the arm will also allow tools and instruments to be interchanged with Tiburon. Specialized control software and end effectors proposed for Tiburon’s manipulator could thus be utilized and tested on Ventana.

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Last updated: 07 October 2004