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1999 Projects: ROV improvements

Toolsled interface adaptor

Project lead/ manager: T. Craig Dawe
Project team: Doug Au, Jon Erickson, Dale Graves, Ed Mellinger, Craig Okuda, Thomas O'Reilly, and Debra Stakes

The focus of tooling and instrument development at MBARI is on the ROV Tiburon and the R/V Western Flyer. As the Western Flyer travels further afield and Tiburon missions become longer, having reliable, well-tested equipment on long cruises will be essential—not only to facilitate operations but also to conduct the maximum amount of research in the time allotted. When the Western Flyer is on a regular operations schedule, opportunities are diminished for testing and carrying out sea trials on Tiburon tools and equipment. And, currently toolsleds and equipment used on Tiburon are not cross-compatible with the ROV Ventana.

Tiburon presently uses a data concentrator format to communicate with and control toolsleds, while Ventana uses a more integrated approach that relies heavily on the core vehicle control system for   toolsled operation. Under this project engineers and ROV specialists will create electrical-power and mechanical interfaces for attaching Tiburon toolsleds to Ventana, thus allowing testing and sea trials of toolsleds to be conducted while Tiburon is at sea on long-term missions.

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