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1999 Projects

Current Projects

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Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) Midwater research
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) Upper ocean biogeochemistry
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) New research platforms
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) ROV improvements
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) Mooring improvements
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) New in-situ Instruments
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Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) 1998 Projects
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1999 Projects: ROV improvements

In 1999 MBARI will balance operational use of its ROVs with improvements and upgrades to enhance their performance and capabilities.

Upgrades designed to ease the work of the pilots:

rd_diam.gif (232 bytes) Automated robotic arm controldevelopment of software to automate certain steps of robotic arm functions such as sample collection and the selection of tools for various tasks.

rd_diam.gif (232 bytes) Automatic station-keeping—implementation of a system that will automatically hold the vehicle in position over a specified location on the seafloor.

rd_diam.gif (232 bytes) Interchangeable end effectordevelopment of  interchangeable ends ("hands") for the vehicle manipulators that will allow tooling to be switched out underwater and expand the number of tasks that can be accomplished by the system.

New tools that will extend the science capability of the ROVs:

rd_diam.gif (232 bytes) Benthic box-core systemdesign of an improved device for recovering samples of seafloor sediments for a variety of scientific analyses..

rd_diam.gif (232 bytes) Detritus samplerdevelopment of a collecting device for effectively capturing larvacean filtering structures and other delicate organisms too large for collection with current used samplers.

rd_diam.gif (232 bytes) Toolsled interface adaptor—fabrication of a toolsled interface adaptor for Ventana, to enable  toolsleds designed for Tiburon to be tested on Ventana.

rd_diam.gif (232 bytes) Benthic elevator—The duration of an ROV dive is currently limited by the number of samplers it can carry. To overcome this limitation, engineers and operations personnel will develop a benthic elevator for transporting samplers to the ROV at depth and bringing collected samples back to the surface.

Projects that aim to improve performance and reduce maintenance time for the vehicles:

rd_diam.gif (232 bytes) Ventana manipulator upgrade—The ROV's existing five-function arm will be replaced with a seven-function model, similar to the one installed on Tiburon.

rd_diam.gif (232 bytes) Tiburon Integrated Viewing System—Modifications on Tiburon's integrated, dual-camera system will render it more user-friendly and easier to service.

rd_diam.gif (232 bytes) Tiburon thruster and power system upgrades—Upgrades to Tiburon will augment its power capbilities and provide it with more reliable thrusters.

rd_diam.gif (232 bytes) Tiburon umbilical rotation sensor—Engineers will install a sensor to alert ROV operators to twists in Tiburon’s umbilical (tether), allowing them to counteract cable kinks that could result in serious damage.

rd_diam.gif (232 bytes) Aided inertial navigation system for TiburonFor improved navigation capabilities aboard Tiburon, and ultimately for MBARI AUVs, engineers will complete development of an aided inertial  navigation system.

rd_diam.gif (232 bytes) Spread-spectrum underwater navigation

rd_diam.gif (232 bytes) Precision-control technologies for underwater vehicles—MBARI and collaborators will explore technologies that could potentially enable a wide range of autonomy in controlling autonomous underwater vehicles and remotely operated vehicles.

rd_diam.gif (232 bytes) Mapping projectThe high-resolution mapping data that MBARI collected in 1998 will be fully integrated into a GIS system to allow precise positioning of vehicles with respect to the seafloor and experiment sites.

Last updated: 10 November 2003