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1999 Projects

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1999 Projects: Benthic processes

Processes that form and modify submarine volcanoes

Project lead/manager: David Clague
Project team: David Caress, AlicÚ Davis, Gerry Hatcher, Norman Maher, and Jennifer Reynolds

The main goal of this project is to understand the structural evolution of submarine volcanoes and the processes that generate and modify magmas erupted beneath the sea. The project has numerous strands, each of which addresses specific aspects of this broad goal. Tasks for 1999 include the completion of several ongoing studies on the geochemistry of mid-ocean ridge basalts, near-ridge seamounts, and Hawaii and other linear-island chains such as the Austral and Line islands. Studies will continue on the ages and origins of seamounts off Central California. These include northeast-southwest-trending volcanic ridges located at the continental margin, such as the Davidson Seamounts, which were formed on an abandoned ridge axis, and the Taney Seamounts, which evolved near the now-defunct Pacific-Farallon spreading center. New studies will focus on hydrothermal circulation that cools magmatic systems at Loihi Seamount and the role of sediment assimilation in modifying the compositions of lava erupted at the southern Gorda Ridge, offshore Oregon.

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