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1999 Projects: ROV improvements

Aided inertial navigation system for Tiburon

Project lead/ manager: Michael Matthews
Project team: Wayne Radochonski

Essential to the effective use of MBARI’s ROVs, and ultimately the AUVs, is operator knowledge of the vehicle’s location with respect to some fixed reference frame. Navigation error resulting from inaccuracies in acoustic sensors remains a critical limitation to the effectiveness of ROV missions, particularly at depths below 2,000 meters. The goal of this project is to complete the ongoing development and integration of an aided inertial navigation system for the ROV Tiburon. The system will utilize existing inertial and acoustic sensors onboard Tiburon to provide an optimal estimate of the vehicle's location. This estimate will significantly improve the accuracy, response, and reliability of the vehicle's navigation and control system.

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Last updated: 07 October 2004