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1999 Projects

Current Projects

Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) Benthic processes
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) Midwater research
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) Upper ocean biogeochemistry
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) New research platforms
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) ROV improvements
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) Mooring improvements
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) New in-situ Instruments
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) Information management and archiving
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) Education and outreach
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) 1998 Projects
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) 1997 Projects


1999 Projects: Mooring improvements

In the past, the MBARI moorings have been considered more or less a part of the upper ocean biogeochemical processes project. In 1999 the moorings program will change in status to an institute-wide operational platform, similar to the way the ROVs are treated. A committee of researchers with interests in the moorings research program (including an external user of MBARI mooring data) will be responsible for providing guidance on upgrades and management of the mooring platforms. We hope that this change will encourage broader use of the moorings as research platforms and of data collected from them and facilitate the transfer of mooring technology to other research groups.

Projects in 1999 that will help with this transition are:

rd_diam.gif (232 bytes) MBARI Ocean Observing SystemStaff will assess the moorings system and evaluate needs and potentials for further development of MBARI’s ocean-observing capabilities

rd_diam.gif (232 bytes) MBARI vertical profilerFor making multiple measurements of ocean properties at various depths, staff will design an instrument that will be stationed in deep water, and will automatically move up to the surface and back, on a periodic basis.

rd_diam.gif (232 bytes) New mooring controllerEngineers will design a new system, based on the cutting-edge standard for embedded computers, for controlling multiple instruments on moorings.

rd_diam.gif (232 bytes) Regulation of biofouling on moored optical sensors—Devices will be developed to minimize the biofouling that impedes effective operation of instruments on moorings.

Last updated: 10 November 2003