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1999 Projects

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1999 Projects:
Information management and archiving

Mooring data management

Project manager: Rich Schramm
Project team: Todd Anderson, Holly Baum, Robert A. Herlien, Michael Kelley, Michael McCann, Rieko Michisaki, Jennifer B. Paduan, Wm. Paul Rogers, and Daniel Wilkin

MBARI’s three OASIS moorings have become significant operational assets, similar to its ROVs. MBARI needs a reliable, efficient system to acquire and make available the basic data files from the instruments on its moorings. The data must be minimally processed to ensure a base level of quality control and made available to internal and external users in a consistent format, in near-real time. Also, procedures and configurations must be documented so users may assess the validity of the data for their individual purposes.

To meet these needs the project team will:

  • Stabilize and document the current OASIS data-processing system
  • Add procedures to reduce the effort necessary to acquire data and improve system reliability
  • Make basic data files accessible to internal and external users
  • Define core and developmental sensors
  • Evaluate similar data acquisition and distribution systems at other organizations
  • Refine long-term data management objectives and propose further development in future years, if warranted

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Last updated: 07 October 2004