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1999 Projects

Current Projects

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1999 Projects:
Information management and archiving

Molecular and microbiology data management

Project lead: Chris Scholin
Project manager: Rich Schramm
Project team: Holly Baum, Ed DeLong, Gerry Hatcher, Michael McCann, and Jennifer B. Paduan

A primary goal of the molecular and microbiology research group has been to develop new methods for the detection and quantification of toxic and non-toxic phytoplankton and bacterioplankton species and to determine the effectiveness of the techniques. Under this project we will accelerate the development of data-management tools needed to more efficiently process, track, and ultimately interpret their sample results.

Our goal is to increase the efficiency of the routine operations of sample analysis and to greatly improve access to the various data elements associated with each sample. We will accomplish this through a combination of custom-designed programs and real-time extensions to a commercial GIS (geographic information system) software package.

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