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1999 Projects

Current Projects

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Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) Midwater research
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) Upper ocean biogeochemistry
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) New research platforms
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) ROV improvements
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) Mooring improvements
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) New in-situ Instruments
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) Information management and archiving
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) Education and outreach
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1999 Projects: Education and outreach

MBARI/Monterey Bay Aquarium Joint Projects

Project lead/manager: George Matsumoto
Project team: MBARI – Nancy Jacobsen, Debbie Meyer, Gail Piper de Mesa, Cyndi Stubbs, Todd Walsh; MBA – Jeff Bryant, Mimi Drummond, Gilbert van Dykhuizen, Christina Fekeci, Andrew Johnson, Roger Phillips, Dave Rasco, Thea Sagan, Fran Wolfe, and Jon. N. Havenhand (Flinders University of South Australia collaborator)

With its strong educational component, this project directly relates to MBARI’s mission "to achieve and maintain a position as a world center for advanced research and education in ocean science and technology." This project likewise furthers the mission of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, MBARI’s sister institution, and makes best use of the resources of both organizations.

More than 50 project tasks for 1999 fall into the categories of technology transfer, research, educational programs and products, exhibits, and public relations efforts. Highlights will include support activities for the upcoming deep-sea exhibit and revamped Monterey Bay Aquarium interpretive program, "Deep in Monterey Bay;" involvement in the Sustainable Seas Expedition project; teachers workshops; the continuing summer internship programs; and Future of the Oceans (FOTO) educational curriculum development.

Last updated: 31 October 2005