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1999 Projects

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1999 Projects: Education and outreach

MBARI Deep-Sea Guide

Project lead/manager: Nancy Jacobsen
Project team: Holly Baum, George I. Matsumoto, Michael McCann, Jennifer B. Paduan, Kristine Rodgers, Wm. Paul Rogers, and Kyra Schlining

This multi-year project will deliver an interactive educational and research tool with visual information collected by MBARI’s ROV cameras on geologic features, organisms, and elements of institute research in the Monterey submarine canyon. In addition to providing this information to MBARI’s internal and collaborative researchers, the Deep-Sea Guide will be distributed to numerous external scientific and educational audiences that will greatly benefit from information about the geology and natural history of marine organisms of this region.

Object-oriented and distributed-computing technologies will be the foundation for the design and construction of the Deep-Sea Guide, as they are well suited to the data access and retrieval functions required for the project. In the first year a joint effort with the VIMS enhancements project will focus on development of a knowledge base maintenance interface to facilitate input of detailed descriptions, interesting anecdotes, and selected images that illustrate specific observations and organisms. In the second year of this project, web users will evaluate the first iteration of the guide. Based on their feedback, we will incorporate modifications and complete three additional iterations and a final web-based version that will ultimately be adapted for production and distribution on digital media.

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Last updated: 07 October 2004