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1999 Projects:
Information management and archiving

Data-sampling analysis

Project lead/manager: Daniel Davis
Project team: Catherine Goyet

MBARI has developed several sophisticated systems capable of acquiring certain types of data at relatively high rates in space and time, and the further development of these systems and additional ones is likely. However, the inability to acquire other critical measurements at a comparable rate in space or time can limit the scientific usefulness of data available at increased rates. There can also be large mismatches between feasible acquisition rates and the rates appropriate for answering important scientific questions. Thus the successful development and use of such complex systems requires careful analysis of the sampling strategy most appropriate to the scientific objectives.

The goal of this project is two-fold: to develop computational tools for analyzing multidimensional data to determine sampling requirements for meeting scientific demands; and, to develop appropriate sampling strategies when and where these requirements can be met. The methodology to be applied is based on a technical approach that differs from classical Shannon sampling theory, which was developed for one-dimensional time-series data. Rather it is primarily focused on problems posed by multidimensional data acquired at very low rates in space and time (such as bottle-sample data).

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