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1999 Projects

Current Projects

Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) Benthic processes
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) Midwater research
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) Upper ocean biogeochemistry
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) New research platforms
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) ROV improvements
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) Mooring improvements
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) New in-situ Instruments
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) Information management and archiving
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) Education and outreach
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) 1998 Projects
Green_Ball.gif (257 bytes) 1997 Projects


1999 Projects: Benthic processes

MBARI is located along an active continental margin where earthquakes, landslides, and fluid venting occur. All three major types of plate boundaries (divergent, convergent, and strike-slip) are accessible to MBARI scientists and their research tools via the institute's ships. In 1999 selected research projects will utilize MBARI technology, principally the ROVs Ventana and Tiburon, for exploring the western continental margin and studying its interrelated biological, geological, and chemical processes.

1999 research in benthic processes falls under eight projects:

rd_diam.gif (232 bytes) Ocean chemistry of greenhouse gases
rd_diam.gif (232 bytes) Benthic biology and ecology
rd_diam.gif (232 bytes) Research on Atmospheric Variability and Ecosystem Response in the Ross Sea, Antarctica (ROAVERRS)
rd_diam.gif (232 bytes) Fluid flow, diagenesis, and chemical fluxes in the oceanic crust
rd_diam.gif (232 bytes) Convergent margin processes: Submarine canyons
rd_diam.gif (232 bytes) Geochemistry of oceanic fracture zones and spreading centers
rd_diam.gif (232 bytes) Processes that form and modify submarine volcanoes
rd_diam.gif (232 bytes) Margin seismology: Data processing and analysis

Last updated: 10 November 2003