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1999 Projects: ROV improvements

Benthic box-core system

Project lead/manager: Mark Brown
Project team: James Barry, Kurt Buck, David Clague, and Paul Tucker

An important requirement for conducting comprehensive, multidisciplinary research at the sediment-water interface (seafloor) is the ability to recover sufficient quantities of undisturbed sediment for sampling. Studies involving pore-water chemistry, biological sampling, and grain-size and stratigraphic (rock-layer) analyses all require substantial volumes of sediment. State-of-the-art sediment samplers deployed by ROVs use the vehicle manipulators for placement and actuation of a closing mechanism to retain the sample. Historically these samplers have been cumbersome and awkward to deploy by ROV. Under this project we will acquire and evaluate commercially available box-core devices and determine the most efficient means of improving the deployment procedure and closing mechanism. The evaluations will serve as the basis for a design of a versatile and reliable tool that will be capable of performing the full range of functions for multi-disciplinary use.

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Last updated: 07 October 2004