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Project 13

Education initiative: MBA/MBARI joint projects

Principal Investigator: George Matsumoto

Co-investigator: Judith Connor

Since its inception, MBARI has fostered its closest institutional relationship with the Monterey Bay Aquarium. As both the institute and the aquarium have grown, so too have the opportunities for collaboration and mutual support of their allied missions. Project 13 continues MBARI’s active support of the aquarium's educational programs, scientific research, exhibit development, and fund-raising efforts. Other joint efforts include sponsorship of educational seminars and workshops, fulfillment of media requests and public information needs, and designing and reviewing content for a variety of publications, educational curricula, and other projects. Highlighted tasks for 1998 involve:

  • Continuation of the very popular collaborative "Deep in Monterey Canyon" program, with a newly compiled laser-disc collection of audio-video resources and expanded support for volunteer and staff interpreters ("linkers")
  • Contribution to the aquarium's upcoming deep-sea exhibit through live-animal collection using MBARI ships and ROVs and provision of content and audiovisual materials for exhibit development, as well as collaboration on publications and videos focused on the deep sea
  • Participation in the nationwide, interactive broadcasts of the JASON project, a two-week program that will provide the vicarious experience of exploring several marine environments to an estimated one million students
  • Video-conferencing of MBARI's weekly science seminars to the aquarium and local schools
  • Continuation of the MBA/MBARI summer internship program for university-level students

Last updated: 07 October 2004