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Major areas of development and support include:

  • Design and implementation of database architectures and application programs. Recent projects include the Samples Archive system, the Expedition database, the Video Information Management System, the Molecular and  Microbiology Data Management System, and MOOS Data Management.
  • Application of GIS technology to oceanographic research. Examples include applications for real-time underwater navigation and publication of seafloor mapping data.
  • Exploration of new technologies for data management and visualization. Examples include distributed object programming and Web 3D applications.
  • We are also involved with helping to ensure quality data products by automating many of the tasks associated with collecting, archiving, and disseminating oceanographic observations.

Data Management and Visualization Workshop

The Monterey Bay Area Data Management and Visualization workshop was held at MBARI on April 7, 2003.


Last updated: 01/11/2006