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Preparation for a possible claim beyond 200 NM north of Greenland - 
The need for more geophysical data. 

The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) together with other Danish Institutions is presently planning acquisition of bathymetric, reflection and refraction seismic data in the Arctic Ocean north of Greenland in preparation for a possible claim beyond 200 NM in relation to UNCLOS 76. Funding for up to 5 acquisition seasons are presently considered by the Danish Government.

 We would therefore like to discuss technical possibilities and logistical cooperation for a number of data acquisition seasons in the Arctic Ocean. Main topics of interest are:

Acquisition of bathymetric data (primarily ship and submarine based)

Methods for acquisition of  reflection and refraction seismic data (two ship operations and /or from sea ice)

Logistical cooperation and co-funding

Exchange of data