Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Canyon Processes
Canyon Array

Under the direction of  Charlie Paull, the canyon processes group plans on establishing a long-term record of currents, suspended sediments, salinity and temperature within the first 100 meters above the canyon floor. To achieve this goal we plan on deploying several instrument packages at 290 and 525 m depths along the axis of Monterey canyon. These remote instrument nodes (RINs) will form an array that tracks the passage of energy and material down the axis of the canyon. While the sensors are being placed for a science experiment, we are also simultaneously developing and testing the technology to lay submarine cables using the ROV Ventana across the seafloor to connect benthic instruments. In this experiment we will have the RINs connected by ~3.5-km long seafloor cables to a common benthic interconnection node (BIN). Thus, the cables will move data from the RINs to the BIN and the BIN will provide power to the RINs.

Remote Instrument Nodes/Benthic Interconnected Node Site, Monterey Canyon

The solid black dots denote the RIN  and BIN sites.
Circles indicate locations of cores samples from the upper canyon.


Last updated: Feb. 04, 2009