MB-System YouTube Tutorials


The majority of MB-System tools are only accessible using a command line terminal. However, MB-System does offer a few graphical tools. The following videos demonstrate how to use these graphical tools: mbedit, mbeditviz, mbvelocitytool, mbgrdviz and mbnavedit. The goal is to give users an overview of how these tools work. For more information please consult the man pages or write your questions in our official discussion list.

mbedit is an interactive editor used to identify and flag artifacts in swath sonar bathymetry data:

mbeditviz is an interactive 2D/3D visualization-based tool for editing swath bathymetry data:

mbvelocitytool is an interactive water sound velocity profile editor:

mbgrdviz is an interactive 2D/3D visualization tool for swath mapping data processing and swath survey planning

mbnavedit is an interactive editor used to identify and fix problems with the navigation of swath sonar data