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Midwater Ecology Expedition Spring 2019 – Log 3

Ready to launch the trawl net!

Midwater Ecology Expedition Spring 2019 – Log 3

We are fortunate to have two aquarists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, MacKenzie Bubel and Wyatt Patry, working with us on this expedition. They are busy collecting an array of new deep-sea animals and have been able to keep several animals alive longer than we ever have before. They are hoping to successfully culture several key species. The cold room in the wet lab is filled with an elaborate set up of seven aquaria of various shapes and sizes. The room is dark and the water is kept at a chilly five to six degrees Celsius. The researchers typically use red light when working in the cold room as the deep-sea animals are less sensitive to it.

About Midwater Ecology Expedition Spring 2019

March 8-14, 2019 – The Midwater Ecology Group is measuring oxygen consumption rates of select deep-sea animals using a custom-designed tool, the Midwater Respirometry System (MRS).