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Midwater Ecology Expedition Spring 2019 – Log 3

We are fortunate to have two aquarists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, MacKenzie Bubel and Wyatt Patry, working with us on this expedition. They are busy collecting an array of new deep-sea animals and have been able to keep several animals alive longer than we ever have before. They are hoping to successfully culture several key species. The cold room …

Expedition Log


Midwater Ecology Expedition Spring 2019 – Log 2

The Midwater Ecology Group is out here studying a layer in the water column called the oxygen minimum zone, or OMZ. The OMZ is a layer where the oxygen levels are lower than the waters above. In the Monterey Bay area the OMZ is typically 600 to 900 meters below the surface. OMZs form where large amounts of organic …

Expedition Log


Midwater Ecology Expedition Spring 2019 – Log 1

We steamed for just over four hours until we reached our first dive site at approximately 3,000 meters (almost two miles). The first few hours of the dive were spent filling the Midwater Respirometry System (MRS) sample buckets with mysid shrimp for a deep deployment. According to Research Specialist Kim Reisenbichler the shrimp are “good …

Expedition Log


Midwater Ecology Expedition Spring 2019

MBARI Expedition #458 Expedition goal: The main goal of this expedition is to expand ongoing research into the respiration rates (oxygen consumption) of deep-sea animals using the Midwater Respirometry System (MRS). The MRS will be deployed at a “shallow” (approximately 1,500 meters depth) and a “deep” (approximately 3,000 meters depth) mooring during the duration of the …