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Seafloor Ecology Spring 2020 – Log 5

Gregory Bongey Should you ever find yourself as a marine science student in your fifth year of a master’s program, your first, second, and third priorities are to defend your thesis as soon as possible. Unless of course, you receive an unexpected opportunity to join MBARI on a deep-sea research cruise. In that case, practicality …

Expedition Log


Seafloor Ecology Spring 2020 – Log 4

Andrew DeVogelaere Today we split the science team to run ROV operations while preparing to relaunch our large, physical oceanography mooring. That allowed us to have an extra exploration dive at Davidson Seamount today. There is always a special excitement about exploration dives because we get to view areas that no human eyes have ever …

Expedition Log


Seafloor Ecology Spring 2020 – Log 3

After two days working at Davidson Seamount it was time to return to Sur Ridge to find the Deep Coral Cam we dropped off on the first day of the cruise and move it to the spot where it will spend the next nine months. Before heading to Sur Ridge, we steamed back to Monterey …

Expedition Log


Seafloor Ecology Spring 2020 – Log 2

Amanda Kahn Today was a mixed day of deploying and recovering moorings along with an ROV dive. In the morning, the sediment trap mooring we recovered yesterday was redeployed at the top of Sur Ridge. The sediment traps will remain there until December, collecting marine snow that rains down from the ocean’s surface. Corals and …

Expedition Log


Seafloor Ecology Spring 2020 – Log 1

Andrew DeVogelaere After months of preparation and a full day of loading equipment, the crew boarded R/V Western Flyer at 4:00 a.m. Our main destination for the research cruise is Sur Ridge and its dense forests of deep-sea corals and sponges. Sur Ridge is located 45 kilometers (28 miles) west of Point Sur, near the …