These VARS datasets, including in situ observations (annotations), imagery, ancillary data and other related data types, have been used in peer-reviewed publications, agency reports, and other products. The long-term data storage locations for such datasets are provided below.

For more information about the creation and management of MBARI’s annotation data, please reference the VARS overview.

For inquiries about use of MBARI’s annotation data, please see the VARS Data use policy or contact Nancy Jacobsen Stout.

Peer-reviewed publications

Katija, K., G. Troni, J. Daniels, K. Lance, R. Sherlock, A.D. Sherman, and B.H. Robison (Posted on line June 3, 2020). Revealing enigmatic mucus structures in the deep sea using DeepPIV. Nature.

  1. Static file:
  2. Dynamic file (reflects modifications to annotations or media files):