MB-System Announcements


MB-System 5.7.3 Now Available (8 February 2019)

  • This is now the current release of MB-System.
  • This version requires GMT 5.4 or later.
  • For more information read the MB-System 5.7.3 ChangeLog file
  • The MB-System 5.7.3 source distribution is available for download
  • The MB-System GitHub source code repository can also be accessed directly at:
  • Among the changes for 5.7.3 is a recasting of the plotting shell scripts generated by the plot macros (e.g mbm_grdplot). These shell scripts now invoke the system default programs for viewing postscript and image files on the screen, unless users specify those programs using mbdefaults or through environment variables. Previous documentation has always instructed users to use mbdefaults to define the display programs, so most users probably have a ~/.mbio_defaults file with postscript and image display programs defined. We recommend setting MB-System to now use the system default display programs, whatever those are, by running:
    • mbdefaults -DDefault -IDefault -V

MB-System Source Code Repository Moved to GitHub (17 December 2018)

MB-System packaging in Homebrew for MacOs updated (31 October 2017)


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