MB-System Announcements


MB-System 5.7.6 Now Available (5 October 2019)

  • This is now the current release of MB-System.
  • This version requires GMT 5.4 or later.
  • For more information read the MB-System 5.7.6 ChangeLog file
  • The MB-System 5.7.5 source distribution is available for download
  • The MB-System GitHub source code repository can also be accessed directly at:
  • Changes since the 5.7.5 release include:
    • Many bug fixes to programs and data format i/o modules.
    • New programs in optional photomosaicing section:
      • mbgrd2obj
      • mbphotomosaic
      • mbgetphotocorrection
      • mbphotogrammetry
      • mbgrd2octree
      • mbm_makeimagelist
    • New program in optional Terrain Relative Navigation section:
      • mbtrnpp
    • Continuous Integration testing:
      Continuous integration testing has been implemented using the Travis CI service integrated with Github. The tests are performed by running ‘make check’ and are executed automatically whenever commits are made to the Github repository.
    • Partial migration to C++:
      The source code for programs in the src/utilities directory has been migrated to C++. Also, much of the C and C++ code has been updated to be consistent with the C11 and C++11 standards.
    • Deprecated programs:
      Several programs that are no longer part of the current data
      processing approach have been declared deprecated and have been moved from src/utilities to a new directory src/deprecated. The deprecated programs have also been converted to C++ and are still built and installed as part of MB-System. We tentatively plan to remove these programs entirely from MB-System distributions at the time of the 6.0 release. These programs are:

      • mb7k2jstar
      • mb7k2ss
      • mb7kpreprocess
      • mbauvnavusbl
      • mbhsdump
      • mbhysweeppreprocess
      • mbinsreprocess
      • mbkongsbergpreprocess
      • mbneptune2esf
      • mbrollbias
      • mbrphsbias
      • mbstripnan
      • mbswplspreprocess.

MB-System Source Code Repository Moved to GitHub (17 December 2018)

MB-System packaging in Homebrew for MacOs updated (31 October 2017)


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