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Bioinspiration 2018 Expedition – Log 6

Bioinspiration 2018 Expedition – Log 6

What is DeepPIV? You may have asked yourself this question as you’ve read our expedition posts. DeepPIV is an instrument that we are using extensively during our ROV dives, and it was developed and built at MBARI. DeepPIV allows us to measure fluid motion in the deep sea in unprecedented detail. It is based on a common technique used in engineering laboratories—Particle Image Velocimetry (more about PIV) We first started developing DeepPIV in 2015, and we have now deployed it more than 80 times.

DeepPIV has a camera that captures the motion of particles, flow, and animals that cross through a laser sheet. Since DeepPIV is attached to ROV Doc Ricketts via a manipulator arm, we can study a vast array of problems and science questions from the sea surface to 4,000 meters (13,000 feet) or anywhere the ROV goes! So far, we’ve used it to study giant larvaceans (see video below) and we’re looking forward to studying an array of animals in the ocean twilight zone.

About Bioinspiration 2018 Expedition

June 21-26, 2018 – This research cruise is the first expedition of the Bioinspiration Lab on the R/V Western Flyer to study midwater organisms for bioinspired engineering design.