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Arctic Expedition Fall 2022 – Log 5

Any interdisciplinary research expedition undoubtedly has some subdivisions even though we share a common goal. Expedition ARA13C is no exception; we have teams dedicated to seafloor mapping, geophysics, coring, oceanography, microbiology, mercury and methane, just to name a few.

Expedition Log


Arctic Expedition Fall 2022 – Log 4

Today was a big day for the MBARI Mapping Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs): we ran both of our vehicles with “spin-down” deployments in the Arctic Ocean!

Expedition Log


Arctic Expedition Fall 2022 – Log 3

Coring is perhaps the most in-depth activity we will do on the Araon, as it provides a rare chance to extract a vertical tube of “time” that could represent just a few years to hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of years.

Expedition Log


Arctic Expedition Fall 2022 – Log 2

Greetings from the Canadian Beaufort Sea! The IBRV Araon departed Utqiagvik (Barrow), Alaska, on August 24 and entered Canadian waters on August 26.

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Arctic Expedition Fall 2022 – Log 1

Greetings from the IBRV Araon! We are still stationary about two kilometers offshore of Utqiagvik, formerly Barrow, Alaska. It is a few minutes after local noon—our original departure time.

Expedition Log


Arctic Expedition Fall 2022

On this expedition we will investigate the effects of thawing submarine permafrost in this remote area of the Arctic Ocean.