Tiburonia granrojo n. sp., a mesopelagic scyphomedusa from 
the Pacific Ocean representing the type of a new subfamily
(Class Scyphozoa, Order Semaeostomeae, Family Ulmaridae,
Subfamily Tiburoniinae subfam nov.)

Video clips (Quicktime format)

Gumdrop Seamount First recognition of unique species Gumdrop.jpg (88337 bytes)
March 8, 1993 First recorded observation 030893.jpg (72913 bytes)
Feb. 23, 2000 Collection of partial paratype sections Paratype.jpg (111575 bytes)
March 27, 2001 Four oral arms fourarms.jpg (85101 bytes)
April 23, 2001 Collection of Holotype Holotype.jpg (73277 bytes)
March 21, 2002 Seven oral arms sevenarms.jpg (74117 bytes)


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