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Wind Farm Expedition 2019 – Log 4

Push coring in action

Wind Farm Expedition 2019 – Log 4

During this cruise, we completed 12 ROV dives, collected 49 vibracores, and 201 push cores. The length of these samples total 11,215 centimeters of sediment cores. Of that, we sliced, bagged, and labeled over 4,009 one-centimeter slices of mud. We hope these muddy samples can shed some light on how these features were formed.

This video is a fun (and speedy) depiction of a day in the life of marine geologists, collecting and processing cores, on the R/V Western Flyer during this expedition. Video edited and produced by Natasha Chapplow (MBARI collaborator, Durham University).

About Wind Farm Expedition 2019

February 4 to 14, 2019 – MBARI's Geological Changes group is investigating the activity of submarine channels, gullies, and pockmarks as well as beginning to conduct post-lay impacts of submarine telecommunications cables.