MBARI in the news – 2019

Jan 17 MashableUncharted worlds- Descending into the dark sea is like exploring deep space” by Mark Kaufman
Jan 16 San Jose InsideMonterey Bay whale researchers prepare for a busy year ahead” by Lauren Hepler
Jan 15 Vintage NewsShip which sank in 1995 found off California coast – 3D Model Made” by Ian Harvey
Jan 14 Scuttlebutt Sailing NewsResponsibilities after the rescue
Jan 13 Deep Sea NewsThe lonely existence of vampire squids” by Craig McClain
Jan 8 Taucher.netDeep Sea: Five new species of sea slugs discovered
Jan 7 Supply Chain DriveEnvironmental concerns loom after MSC loses 270 containers at sea” by Edwin Lopez
Jan 4 The Daily AstorianAn anomaly” by Elleda Wilson
Jan 3 Smithsonian.comHe was on duty when the ship sank. Two decades later, the ROV pilot aids in Its exploration” by Meilan Solly
Jan 3 Monterey County WeeklyScientists at MBARI are researching a last-ditch possibility to combat climate change