MBARI in the news – 2020

Jan 21 Laughing SquidThe surprisingly small fierce-looking fangtooth fish” by Lori Dorn
Jan 19 MSNMysterious little red jellies: A case of mistaken identity
Jan 16 KSBW-TVWest Coast waters acidifying two times faster than global average” by Caitlin Conrad [Also carried on MSN]
Jan 16 KION-TVOcean acidification and the affects on the Central Coast” by Max Tarlton
Jan 9 The ScientistFish steals bioluminescence from prey” by Abby Olena
Jan 8 New York TimesHow a fish steals its ability to glow” by Joshua Sokol
Jan 8 PBS – NatureDive into the mysteries surrounding whales
Jan 6 Business WireRevolutionary modular storage system built to efficiently manage enterprise, cloud, and edge data growth” [Seagate press release]