MBARI in the news – 2018

Mar 16 Newsweek‘Squid graveyards’ on ocean floor could become more common” by Kristin Hugo
Mar 15 KnowableThe base of the iceberg: It’s big and teeming with life” by Lindzi Wessel
Mar 15 Monterey HeraldMBARI scientist to receive international award for women in science” by Nicoletta Lanese
Spring National Parks magazine Nature’s night lights” by Julia Busiek
Mar 7 Stories related to joint MBARI/University of Hawaii news release: Self-driving robots collect water samples to create snapshots of ocean microbes
– New Atlas, “Next-gen autonomous subs set to study microbes” by Ben Coxworth (3-8-18)
– Hawaii Public Radio, “New underwater vehicles to study ocean’s smallest srganisms” by Casey Harlow (3-9-18)
– AZORobotics, “LRAUVs enable researchers to sample open-ocean eddies, ensuring health of oceans” (3-12-18)
– Futurism, “A Fleet of underwater robots will create detailed map of marine microbes” by Claudia Geib (3-13-18)
–, “New autonomous submersibles can take water samples anyplace, anytime” by Lane Long (3-15-18)
– Other coverage: This news release was also reprinted verbatim on many online outlets, including R&D Magazine, Science Daily, PhysOrg,, Infosurhoy, Technology Networks, Astrobiology News, Electric Vehicles Research, and Sport Diver
Feb 27 Smithsonian The story behind Big Sur’s glowing waves” by Brigit Katz
Feb 27 The Log Baja California’s squid graveyard leads scientists into “less-known places” ” by Devon Warren
Feb 26 KION-TV MBARI scientist gets his picture on a postage stamp” by Zach Mcintyre
Feb 24 Monterey Herald Jellies abound at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Harbor” by Kate Baggaley [Also carried by Santa Cruz Sentinel]
Feb 23 Popular Science The critters of the deep sea may thrive on calamari” by Kate Baggaley
Feb 22 Monterey Herald Postal Service features photo by MBARI scientist on stamp” by Tom Wright [Also carried by the San Jose Mercury and Santa Cruz Sentinel]
Feb 20 VRScout Scientists recreate stunning deep sea objects In VR” by Dieter Holger
Feb 12
Conde Nast TravelerBig Sur’s coastline Is glowing, thanks to bioluminescent phytoplankton” by Andrea Park
Feb 9
Linn’s Stamp News USPS issues 10 stamps celebrating bioluminescent life; scientist to speak at Feb. 22 Fort Pierce ceremony” by Michael Baadke
Feb 7
Monterey County Weekly Bioluminescent phytoplankton bloom illuminates the Pacific Ocean near Big Sur.” by Nic Coury
Feb 7 CNNBioluminescent waves light up Big Sur. And what a sight it is” by Isabella Gomez and Christina Zdanowicz [Related news story carried on at least 35 TV stations across the US]
Feb 6 Environmental Monitor Engineers devise innovative BOS underwater camera system to monitor overfished Species” by Karla Lant
Feb 5 IFLScience There’s a squid graveyard off the Californian coast” by Tom Hale (also carried by Infosurhoy)
Feb Sea Technology “ROV video informs deep-sea food web study”
Jan 17 San Luis Obispo TribuneWhat’s up with the gigantic jellyfish washing up on Central Coast beaches?” by Monica Vaughan
Jan 13 New York Times
The squid that sink to the ocean’s floor when they die” by Veronique Greenwood
Jan 9
Squids play an important role in the food web and in the carbon cycle