MBARI in the news – 2020

Mar Marine Technology Reporter “eDNA Emerging” by Justin Manley
Mar 27 Marine LinkMBARI works at unlocking ocean biology” by Elaine Maslin [Also appeared in Marine Technology Reporter]
Mar 26 Santa Cruz Tech BeatGoogle features former Cabrillo student’s work in documentary series” by Sarah Vickers-Webb
Mar 25 Environmental MonitorThe Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institutes Wireless Plan to Connect to MARS” by Jack Nissen
Mar 23 Stories related to research on deciphering the visual language of Humboldt squid
– Stanford news release, “Stanford researcher investigates how squid communicate in the dark” [Carried by at least 7 online media outlets] (3-23-19)
– National Public Radio (All Things Considered), “Deep sea squid may communicate through glowing pigmentation, researchers find” by Lauren Sommer (3-23-20)
– Gizmodo, “Glowing deep-sea squid have a complex form of communication, new evidence suggests” by George Dvorsky (3-23-20)
– Nature, “Squid say hello with a light show” (3-23-20)
– Oceanographic magazine, “Researchers begin to reveal how Humboldt squid communicate in the dark” (3-24-20)
– CNET, “Illuminating find: Here’s how squid talk to each other in the dark” by Bonnie Burton [Carried by at least 2 other online outlets] (3-25-20)
– Science Friday, “How Humboldt Squid talk to each other in the dark” by Alexa Lim (3-27-20)
– EcoWatch, “Speaking squid: How squid glow to communicate in dark dceans” by Tiffany Duong (3-27-20)
– Stuff/NZ, “Glow-in-the-dark squid can brighten your day” by Siouxsie Wiles (3-30-20)
Mar 20 Science AlertThe largest mass migration on the planet happens every single day, and we never see it” by Peter Dockrill [Also carried by MSN News]
Mar 12 Insider16 creatures from the bottom of the ocean that will give you nightmares” by Zoë Miller and Zoë Ettinger
Mar 7 Monterey HeraldRe-opening historic Point Sur lighthouse” by Amanda Heidt
Mar 6 ScienceFrank Press (1924–2020)” by Marcia McNutt
Mar 5 San Francisco Bay ViewEarth Island Institute takes on Big Plastic” by Lee Houskeeper
Mar 5 UPIChanges in oxygen, temperature could reshape deep sea fish communities” by Brooks Hays
Mar 5 PhysOrgDeep-sea fish community structure strongly affected by oxygen and temperature” [News Release from Scripps Institution of Oceanography]
Mar 5 National Geographic NewsAs the Arctic warms, light pollution may pose a new threat to marine life” by Sarah Gibbens
Mar 3 Monterey HeraldCarmel shop taking battle against plastics to new level” by Dennis Taylor
Mar 2 Before It’s NewsEarth Island files lawsuit against plastic polluters
Mar 1 The ScientistResearchers discover the largest virus in the oceans yet” by Kerry Grens
Feb 27 CBS NewsClorox, Coca Cola among companies sued over plastic pollution by Berkeley group
Feb 26 Bay City News ServiceSuit aims to hold ‘Big Plastic’ corporations responsible for plastic pollution” by Keith Burbank [Carried by SFGate, NBC, Patch, Pleasanton Weekly, and other outlets]
Feb 26 San Francisco ChronicleBay Area group sues Coke, Pepsi, other giants over plastic pollution ‘poisoning everything’” by Peter Fimrite [Also carried by MSN]
Feb 20 Stories related to MBARI’s story about the strange behaviors of deep-sea animals such as sponges at Station M
–, “The secret life of the sponges” (2-25-19)
– LiveScience, “Deep-sea sponges caught ‘sneezing’ in time-lapse photos” by Nicoletta Lanese (3-2-20)
– BGR, “Scientists caught a deep-sea sponge ‘sneezing’ on camera, and it’s so weird” by Mike Wehner [Story carried by at least 5 additional outlets, including the New York Post] (3-2-20)
– Daily Mail, “Gazoontite! Time-lapse video reveals a glass sponge sneezing more than 12,000 feet below the surface in order to expel sea particles from its inner canals” by Stacy Liberatore [Also carried by Brinkwire and at least 8 additional outlets] (3-3-20)
– Smithsonian, “Watch this deep-sea sponge sneeze in slow motion” by Theresa Machemer (3-3-20)
– Popular MechanicsBehold the super long sneeze of a deep sea sponge” by Daisy Hernandez [Article carried by at least 3 other outlets, including Yahoo News] (3-15-20)
– IFL ScienceDeep-sea sponges caught “sneezing” on camera” by Katy Pallister (3-17-20)
Feb 21 HakaiLess than a fifth of deep-sea life Is identifiable” by Nicola Jones
Feb 21 Wired‘Environmental DNA’ lets scientists probe underwater life” by Eric Niiler
Feb 19 Scientific AmericanKilometers of “dark cable” form the newest seismic sensors” by Shannon Hall
Feb 19 Laughing SquidHypnotic footage of a rainbow colored sea angel slug propelling itself under the ice of the white sea” by Lori Dorn
Feb 18 OceanaDrowned out: Is climate change making the ocean a noisier place?” by Sarah Royalty Pinkelman
Feb 17 SciShowThe most incredible snowfall on Earth occurs deep underwater” by Hank Green
Feb 14 New York TimesAs mating rituals go, Valentine’s Day isn’t so bad” by Priyanka Runwal [Also carried by and at least two other online outlets]
Feb 10 ScienceLineLife in Earth’s final frontier, into view at last” by Hannah Seo
Feb 7 DVIDSNPS explores next-generation acoustic detection” [News release]
Feb 5 KTVU-TVStanford scientist creates bionic jellyfish that could aid in future research” by Andre Senior
Feb 5 San Jose MercuryCalifornia scientists create bionic jellyfish to explore oceans” by Paul Rogers [Carried by at least 13 other California newspapers]
Feb 4 The IndependentScience news in brief: From speaking mummies to volcanoes on Venus” by Nicholas St Fleur, Joshua Sokol, Karen Weintraub, Shannon Hall, and Cara Giaimo
January NOAA NewsCaptivating the nation: Education and outreach programs bring communities together” by Eve Moulin
Jan 21 Laughing SquidThe surprisingly small fierce-looking fangtooth fish” by Lori Dorn
Jan 19 MSNMysterious little red jellies: A case of mistaken identity
Jan 16 KSBW-TVWest Coast waters acidifying two times faster than global average” by Caitlin Conrad [Also carried on MSN]
Jan 16 KION-TVOcean acidification and the affects on the Central Coast” by Max Tarlton
Jan 9 The ScientistFish steals bioluminescence from prey” by Abby Olena
Jan 8 New York TimesHow a fish steals its ability to glow” by Joshua Sokol
Jan 8 PBS – NatureDive into the mysteries surrounding whales
Jan 6 Business WireRevolutionary modular storage system built to efficiently manage enterprise, cloud, and edge data growth” [Seagate press release]