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Habitat: Seafloor

Warty deep-sea octopus

A mother warty deep-sea octopus protects her eggs for record time to better the odds that her hatchlings survive.

Deep-sea skate

Deep-sea skates favor particular habitats or “neighborhoods” on the deep seafloor.

Spiny star

The spiny star has a particular appetite for deep-sea corals, using tiny tube feet to scale towering corals and find a delicious dinner.

Pearl octopus

Large numbers of pearl octopus gather at deep-sea thermal springs to mate and nest.

Pom-pom anemone

The pom-pom anemone rolls along the seafloor with ocean currents until it finds the perfect spot to spread its tuft of tentacles.

Mushroom soft coral

animal Type Maximum Size 15 cm (6 inches) across Depth 200–1,200 m (660–3,900 feet) Habitat Seafloor seamounts, submarine canyons, and rocky outcroppings Diet Plankton and small crustaceans Range Northeastern Pacific Ocean from California to Mexico About This coral is one of the nicest neighbors you could hope for. The mushroom soft coral (Heteropolypus ritteri) …

Flapjack octopus

The adorable flapjack octopus sits on the seafloor like a flat, fluffy pancake.

California sun star

A California sun star has a voracious appetite and it’s not picky about its next meal.