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DEEPC Hawai’i Expedition 2018 – Log 3

dun dun…. dun dun…… DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN! We had a white tip shark visit the @MBARI_News mini ROV during tonight’s #DEEPCHawaii2018 dive to 300 meters to look for ctenophores. @NSF_bio pic.twitter.com/2PeDy0Z4fI — Darrin Schultz (@conchoecia) November 11, 2018 Our new favorite instrument is the MiniROV. The Mini has significantly increased our view …

Expedition Log


DEEPC Hawai’i Expedition 2018 – Log 2

Senior Research Technician Shannon Johnson, Postdoctoral Fellow Manabu Bessho, and Graduate Research Assistant Jacob Winnikoff This year we are lucky to be able to participate in the blue-water scuba diving operations. It’s hard to describe the experience, but it’s kind of like floating in the most beautiful, ethereal, warm blue water. We use lines and clips …

Expedition Log


DEEPC Hawai’i Expedition 2018 – Log 1

If you are a fan of nature documentaries, you may have come across a strange, gelatinous creature floating through the water with its many-colored glimmering comb rows. These luminescent animals are not, in fact, aliens or robots, but ctenophores (the “c” is silent, so it is pronounce “tee-no-fors”), commonly called comb jellies. Ctenophores are gelatinous …

Expedition Log


DEEPC Hawai’i Expedition 2018

Expedition goal: We are part of an international team of scientists collaborating on the MBARI- and NSF-funded Diversity, Ecology, and Ecophysiology of Ctenophores (DEEPC) project. Members of the team are working to answer questions about the biochemical, physiological, and genetic adaptations that these organisms have evolved to help them survive and diversify in the deep sea. …