MBARI in the news – 2017

April 10 Stories related to MBARI press release New study shows that three quarters of deep-sea animals make their own light
– UPI, “Most deep-sea animals produce their own light, research shows” by Brooks Hayes (4-10-17)
– Huffington Post – UK, “Three in four deep-sea animals are bioluminescent, breakthrough study finds” by Oscar Williams (4-11-17)
– R&D Magazine, “Study sheds light on deep-sea animals” by Kenny Walter (4-11-17)
– Science, “More than 75% of surveyed sea animals glow in the dark” by Virginia Morell (4-11-17)
– LiveScience, “Shining sea: 75 percent of ocean’s animals glow” by Stephanie Pappas (4-12-17)
Atlas Obscura, “If you live in the ocean, odds are you’re glowing right now” by Samir S. Patel (4-12-17)
– Monterey County Weekly, “MBARI study reveals the majority of marine animals can create their own light” by David Schmalz (4-13-17)
India Today, “Three quarters of deep-sea animals produce light: study” by Press Trust of India (4-16-17) [Carried by at least 6 other news sites in India]
-Treehugger, “Three quarters of deep-sea creatures glow in the dark” by Melissa Breyer (4-18-17)
Mar 28 Stories related to an article in Nature-Scientific Reports about a pelagic octopus that eats jellies
– Nature, “Rare sighting reveals deep-sea octopus’s unusual breakfast” by Jane J. Lee
(3-28-17) [also carried by Scientific American]
– KSBW-TV, “Secretive giant octopus recorded by Monterey researchers” (3-28-17) [also carried by SF Gate]
– Gizmodo, “This elusive giant octopus snacks on giant jellies” by George Dvorsky (3-29-17)
– New Scientist, “Giant octopus wears jellyfish cape after it devours its owner” by Maria Bolevich (3-29-17)
– ZME Science, “Camera-shy octopus reveals what it’s been eating” by Elena Motivans (3-29-17)
– CNET, “A rare sighting of a giant octopus reveals its lunch” by Michelle Starr (3-29-17)
– Quartz, “A “seven-armed” octopus has been caught eating jellyfish” by Akshat Rathi (3-30-17)
– CBS, “Rare sighting of giant octopus reveals a surprise” by Michelle Starr (3-30-17)
– Smithsonian, “Researchers spot giant, deep-sea octopus munching on an unusual snack” by Brigit Katz (3-31-17)
– Discover, “Jelly Belly: Elusive deep sea octopus takes its gelatinous meals to go” By Christie Wilcox (3-31-17)
– National Geographic News, “Watch as octopus eats jellyfish, then clings to it as likely weapon” By Sarah Gibbens (4-5-17)
Mar 23 Good Times
How loud noises are leaving whales stranded”
by Brendan D. Bane
Mar 15
Subsea lidar to map ocean floor with centimeter resolution”
[Based on a press release by 3DatDepth
Feb 13 Stories related to a Duke University press release about the unusual eyes of Histioteuthis squids
– LiveScience, “Squid survives ocean’s ‘twilight zone’ thanks to its mismatched eyes” by Laura Geggle (2-13-17) [Also carried by CBS News and Tech Times]
– National Geographic News, “Bizarre deep-sea squid has mismatched eyes” by Viviane Callier (2-13-17)
– Daily Mail, “Meet the ‘cockeyed’ squid: Bizarre creature has lopsided eyes to help it survive in the ocean’s twilight zone” by Shivali Best (2-13-17)
Feb 13 Scientific American (blog)
Marine ecosystems are preparing for climate change”
by Kavya Balaraman
Jan 26
Trimming power on an oceanographic lab in a can”
by Eric Brown
Jan 9 Eurekalert
“Newly discovered phytoplankton groups appear to favor warmer oceans”
(News release from Canadian Institute for Advanced Research)
Jan 5 Science Daily
“Study examines ocean acidification effects on rockfish, a key California marine prey base”
(News release from Californiat State University, Monterey Bay)
Jan 4 Stories related to an article in Nature about fossil chimaeras
– The Verge, “To figure out how ghost sharks evolved, scientists virtually reconstructed an ancient shark brain” by Rachel Becker (1-4-17)
– Gizmodo, “Bizarre ghost sharks evolved from an even weirder species of ancient fish” by George Dvorsky (1-4-17)
– International Business Times, “Inside of ancient shark skull reveals evolutionary origins of eerie ghost sharks” by Martha Henriques (1-4-17)