MBARI in the news – 2017

Feb 13 Stories related to a Duke University press release about the unusual eyes of Histioteuthis squids
– LiveScience, “Squid survives ocean’s ‘twilight zone’ thanks to its mismatched eyes” by Laura Geggle (2-13-17) [Also carried by CBS News and Tech Times]
– National Geographic News, “Bizarre deep-sea squid has mismatched eyes” by Viviane Callier (2-13-17)
– Daily Mail, “Meet the ‘cockeyed’ squid: Bizarre creature has lopsided eyes to help it survive in the ocean’s twilight zone” by Shivali Best (2-13-17)
Feb 13 Scientific American (blog)
Marine ecosystems are preparing for climate change”
by Kavya Balaraman
Jan 26
Trimming power on an oceanographic lab in a can”
by Eric Brown
Jan 9 Eurekalert
“Newly discovered phytoplankton groups appear to favor warmer oceans”
(News release from Canadian Institute for Advanced Research)
Jan 5 Science Daily
“Study examines ocean acidification effects on rockfish, a key California marine prey base”
(News release from Californiat State University, Monterey Bay)
Jan 4 Stories related to an article in Nature about fossil chimaeras
– The Verge, “To figure out how ghost sharks evolved, scientists virtually reconstructed an ancient shark brain” by Rachel Becker (1-4-17)
– Gizmodo, “Bizarre ghost sharks evolved from an even weirder species of ancient fish” by George Dvorsky (1-4-17)
– International Business Times, “Inside of ancient shark skull reveals evolutionary origins of eerie ghost sharks” by Martha Henriques (1-4-17)