This siphonophore, Frillagalma vityazi, glows with an eerie blue light. A recent paper shows that 99.7% of siphonophores in Monterey Bay can create their own light.
New study shows that three quarters of deep-sea animals make their own light

In the first quantitative analysis of deep-sea bioluminescence, MBARI researchers Séverine Martini and Steve Haddock show that three quarters of the animals in Monterey Bay from the surface down to 4,000 meters deep can produce their own light.

16,000 hours beneath the sea (and counting)

MBARI’s remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Ventana completed its 4,000th dive in February 2017. With over 16,000 hours underwater, Ventana is by far the most experienced scientific ROV in the world.

Buried at sea

During a study to learn how sediments flow through submarine canyons, a one-ton monitoring device on the seafloor was swept down Monterey Canyon and partially buried—twice in one year.