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Arctic Expedition Fall 2022 – Log 5

Any interdisciplinary research expedition undoubtedly has some subdivisions even though we share a common goal. Expedition ARA13C is no exception; we have teams dedicated to seafloor mapping, geophysics, coring, oceanography, microbiology, mercury and methane, just to name a few.

Expedition Log


Arctic Expedition Fall 2022 – Log 4

Today was a big day for the MBARI Mapping Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs): we ran both of our vehicles with “spin-down” deployments in the Arctic Ocean!

Expedition Log


Arctic Expedition Fall 2022 – Log 3

Coring is perhaps the most in-depth activity we will do on the Araon, as it provides a rare chance to extract a vertical tube of “time” that could represent just a few years to hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of years.

Expedition Log


Arctic Expedition Fall 2022 – Log 2

Greetings from the Canadian Beaufort Sea! The IBRV Araon departed Utqiagvik (Barrow), Alaska, on August 24 and entered Canadian waters on August 26.

Expedition Log


Arctic Expedition Fall 2022 – Log 1

Greetings from the IBRV Araon! We are still stationary about two kilometers offshore of Utqiagvik, formerly Barrow, Alaska. It is a few minutes after local noon—our original departure time.