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Essential Science Skills

Asks questions        
Makes and keeps simple records of observations                    
Sorts objects                      
Communicates with others    
Makes predictions                          
Uses estimations and measurement                        
Classifies objects                      
Makes sketches or diagrams to explain ideas                    
Makes inferences                    
Uses evidence to construct explanations                      
Classifies events                            
Organizes data into tables and charts              
Uses charts and tables to interpret or formulate simple hypotheses                          
Reads and interprets various types of graphs                      
Controls a limited number of variables                            
Designs a simple experiment                            
Analyses data                    
Operationally defines                            
Formulates models                            
Draws conclusions                      
Utilizes terms and processes in scientific research                            
Identifies variables                          
Produces written reports of lab or field activities                        
Uses the Internet to find information          
Uses technology to solve problems                      

Last updated: Jul. 02, 2012