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Schedule for the EARTH Satellite Workshop III

St. Mark Catholic School—Boynton Beach, FL • November 2, 2012

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1230 Lunch and Introduction from Mrs. Eubanks  
1300 First presentation: Guana Tolomato Matanzas
National Estuarine Research Reserve
Kenneth Rainer
1345 Teachers collaborate to generate ideas, look at websites  
1400 Second presentation: Movement Ecology of Apex Predatory Sharks Dr. Neil Hammerschlag
RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program
1435 Questions, browse website  
1500 Overview of rest of afternoon

Teachers break and collaborate to create lesson plans
Mrs. Eubanks
1700 Teachers give a short presentation of their lesson
(We can also have some follow up from this at our December meeting—that will be the deadline for completed lessons)
Carla Cassandra Shark Facts lesson
Chris Barulic The Value of Estuaries lesson
Myngoe Brashears Shark Propaganda lesson
Ami Hart
Karen Gillis
Shaneka Willingham
Kelly Ruiz
Discovering Sharks lesson
Shark booklet
Robert Lanza Shark Habitats lesson
Erica Schmid
Maureen Fulop
Sharks lesson
Kristen Ausiello
Mindy Gibbons
Sharks Around the World


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