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Schedule for the EARTH Satellite Workshop II

Palm Beach Atlantic University—West Palm Beach, FL • October 30, 2012

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0815 Coffee, light snack, Introduction to program and each other  
0845 First presentation: Undersea Laser Imaging Dr. Bing Ouyang
Harbor Branch, FAU
0930 Teachers explore website or data, begin forming ideas for lesson  
0955 Second presentation: Guana Tolomato Matanzas
National Estuarine Research Reserve
Kenneth Rainer
1040 Teachers explore website or data, begin forming ideas for lessons  
1100 Begin collaboration and forming lessons  
1140 Guidelines for the rest of the day  
1145 Working lunch: create lessons  
1350 Short presentations of lessons:
Carley Hubbard
B rittany Sansone
Megan Phillips
Nate Vera
Charting Air Pressure lesson
  Coriolis Effect lesson
Cindy Cokoroglanis Everglades lesson
Jessica Whiting
Kirstyn Witzer
Hurricane Movement lesson
  Jupiter Beach Flotsam lesson
Debbie Medellin
Veronica Karas
Fish Species Observations lesson
Eileen Watson Ocean Estuaries lesson
Kassandra Alexander
Lexi Grizzle
Amanda Helmick
Brooke Statler
Megan Toland
Penguin Diversity lesson
  Protecting Our Planet lesson
  Rainfall lesson
  Under the Sea lesson
1420 Wrap up of the day  

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