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MARSMBARI's research platforms provide ocean research instruments with resources such as power, data storage, and a means of sending data to shore, allowing ongoing observations to be made and recorded in near real time. These platforms must also be robust and reliable to survive the corrosive salt water environment. Our various platforms must also collect data, sometimes for months or years, in remote locations under hostile conditions of crushing pressure and extreme temperatures. In addition, these platforms may be subjected to damage from natural and man-made hazards, ranging from pressure and temperature extremes to storms, ships, and vandalism.

In the future, MBARI's research platforms will continue to increase in scope and coverage. Current visions include expanding our capabilities with fleets of robots capable of operation with minimal human involvement. These systems may draw power and communicate through networks of subsea cables and deep-water moorings. Such platforms and advanced instrumentation will work together to provide unique capabilities and overcome previous barriers in oceanographic science.

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This activity allows students, working individually or in small groups, to retrieve information from pre-assigned web sites, retrieve real-time data to compare nitrate and phosphate concentrations at two open ocean monitoring sites, and construct an Excel graph using data from two different sites.
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Ocean Observation

This activity will help familiarize student with methods scientists use to study the ocean floor, and will encourage them to pose and investigate their own questions about the ocean.

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