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Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) is located in Moss Landing, CA on Monterey Bay. It is a world-class ocean research organization that works with its sister institution, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, to communicate scientific information to teachers for use in classrooms. The MBARI Web site is a treasure trove of scientific data and pictures, as well as background information on research technology and the scientists involved with it. This activity encourages students to explore the MBARI Web site and begin to glean information from it that may help to answer questions that interest them.

During this unit, students will investigate the science, technology and people involved in ocean exploration and the questions behind the research.

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“Eye in the Sea” Video | Back to top

Use the links below to access some recent video footage from the Eye in the Sea deployment in the Monterey Canyon. Activities that incorporate these videos will continue to be posted here, so please check back soon!

Eye in the Sea Video

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Observing Deeply | Back to top

This activity uses the “Eye in the Sea” video to illustrate body form and function. Students carefully observe the animals seen in the video and use background information on form and function to describe the animals’ habitats and lifestyle.

Critter Characteristics | Back to top

This unit provides students with a new medium to merge their understanding of concepts related to the properties of matter, forces and motion, the transfer of energy, diversity and adaptations of organisms, regulation and behavior, and ecosystems with an exploration of the technologies used to investigate the earth�s hydrosphere. During this unit of study, students will conduct research, collect data, and design an observational tool.

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Who’s New in the Deep Sea? | Back to top

This activity helps familiarize students with the technology and methods scientists use to study the deep sea, and teaches students how technology informs scientists about remote environments.  Based on observation, students make possible connections between organisms and their habitat using near-real-time data via the Eye in the Sea (EITS) underwater camera system.  Further, they are encouraged to pose and investigate their own questions about the ocean.

Ocean Observation | Back to top

This activity will help familiarize student with methods scientists use to study the ocean floor, and will encourage them to pose and investigate their own questions about the ocean.

Career Exploration | Back to top

This activity will help familiarize student with various careers in marine science and technology, and will help students find out what responsibilities, interests, aptitudes, schooling and experience are necessary to follow a particular career path.

Ocean observing in the news | Back to top

Oceanus (WHOI): (07/23/08)
Revealing the Ocean's Invisible Abundance

Nature (PBS): (06/11/08)
The Beauty of Ugly—Interview with Dr. Edith Widder

Science News for Kids: (12/12/07)
Eyes on the Depths

Science Daily: (04/20/07)
Marine Geophysicists Probe Sea Floor

Science Daily: (04/17/07)
Researchers Setting Up Observatories To Examine Changes Under The Arctic Ice

NOAA Magazine: (04/16/07)
March temperatures second warmest on record for U.S.; global march temperature fifth warmest on record

NOAA Magazine: (03/28/07)
NOAA national marine fisheries service launches web site for tracking and verifying dolphin-safe tuna products

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Includes a wealth of information about the scientists working at MBARI, their current research projects, data sets and technology involved in studying the oceans.
ESP: Environmental Sample Processor
Ocean Observing
Marine Careers

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Last updated: Jul. 16, 2013