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ORCA’s Eye-in-the-Sea has completed its deployment in Monterey Bay. Check back soon to see some archived video from the deployment!



Recent experiments:

  • A pig carcass was deployed on October 25, 2009 at the EITS location with the Remotely Operated Vehicle Doc Ricketts. The research team also collected some of the bones from the elephant seal and found some animals growing on them!
  • Electronic jelly experiments started on October 5, 2009and ran for 2–3 weeks. These bioluminescence experiments involve a flashing LED light (mimicing the bioluminescence of Atolla—a common jelly in this area).
  • A small elephant seal pup was found dead on a local beach and was collected for this experiment. It was placed on the ocean floor using a piece of railroad track as a weight in early July, 2009. There isn’t much left of the carcass as hagfish, sleeper sharks, tanner crabs, and many other organisms have been by to enjoy the food fall.

Check out the MARS Observatory Photo Gallery to see if you can identify some of the creatures in the video.

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Last updated: Jun. 24, 2010