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Join the Eye-in-the-Sea team as they head out into the Monterey Canyon aboard the R/V Point Lobos to deploy ORCA's deep-sea camera on MBARI’s MARS observatory. Pictured here with ORCA’s Eye-in-the-Sea, from left to right:

Danelle Cline, Software Engineer
Brian Schlining, Software Engineer
Edie Widder, Inventor of ORCA’s Eye-in-the-Sea
Erika Raymond, Engineering Postdoctoral Fellow
Duane Edgington, Software Engineering Group Leader

Please note: ORCA’s Eye-in-the-Sea live video is cuurently offline, as the camera system is being recovered for maintenance. All other video files (archived, highlights) will still be available.

Link to the LIVE VIDEO from ORCA’s Eye-in-the-Sea

View photos and video of the deployment

Wired Science logo's Wired Science joined the Eye-in-the-Sea team for the January 21, 2009 deployment in the Monterey Canyon. Follow the links below to read both the live blog and the updated story!

WiSci Tweets Live from a Monterey Bay Research Boat (01/21/09)
Gallery: Robotic Sub Installs Deep-Sea Webcam (01/22/09)

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Last updated: Oct. 15, 2009