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Sea surface temperature data

Upwelling brings deep, cold water is brought to the surface; thus sea surface temperature (SST) data can help to determine if upwelling occured during winter months. Satellites, such as NOAA's Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR), measure SST. The images below show winter SST over much of the eastern Pacific Ocean.



Like most ocean regimes, the warm upper layers of Monterey Bay rest on relatively colder and denser waters. When upwelling is strong, however, very cold water can reach from depth to the surface. At left, time-series plots show winter temperatures through the water column at the M1 and M2 moorings. Upwelling conditions are shown as dark blue extending through all depths at a given time.


Given these water temperature patterns, do you still think that upwelling occurred during the winter months?

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Last updated: May. 13, 2010